Unified WordPress Plugins

Amplify Your Online Presence with Our Suite of Unified Plugins

Unified Toolkit

Meet the Unified Toolkit Plugin, the ultimate efficiency booster for your WordPress site. Brought to you by Unified Web Design, this plugin harnesses our real-world expertise to provide you with a collection of admin, performance, and security tweaks that make site management a breeze.

This plugin offers quality-of-life features like the Minimalist Bar and Admin Badge, along with performance optimization tweaks and security measures. This suite of tools is designed to streamline your admin process, enhance your site’s performance, and fortify security.

Elevate your WordPress experience with the Toolkit Plugin. Embrace simplicity, enhance performance, and ensure security – all in one.

Unified Popups

Maximize user engagement effortlessly with the Unified Popup Plugin. Our tool is crafted to create a seamless interaction between your content and your visitors, enhancing their experience without interruption.

With Unified Popups, you’re equipped to design visually attractive and highly effective popups that blend naturally into your site’s flow. Whether you’re announcing a new product, offering a subscription, or sharing a special promotion, our plugin gives you the power to do it all with just a few clicks.

Utilize our array of customization options to match your brand, capture leads, and drive up conversion rates. It’s not just a popup; it’s the gateway to your site’s success.

Unified Blocks

Welcome the Unified Blocks Plugin, your essential tool for effortless WordPress Block Themes design. It’s packed with customizable patterns, offering you the simplicity and versatility to construct stunning websites using WordPress’s robust block technology.

Our plugin is as intuitive as dragging, dropping, rearranging, and reusing blocks to achieve your desired layout.

Beyond its simplicity, this plugin also offers comprehensive customization options, from typography and color schemes to margin and padding adjustments.

Unified Email Capture

Discover an effortless way to build an email list through your WordPress website with our WordPress Email Capture Plugin. This plugin, designed specifically for WordPress Blocks, enables you to connect effortlessly with numerous services including aWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse. You choose what suits your business best!

This plugin is ideal for block themes or block editors and boasts a user-friendly interface.

Don’t waste another moment. Take your business to the next level by employing a smarter way to capture emails. Find out more and start capturing emails today.