Unified Access Plugin

Secure your WordPress content with precision. Our streamlined plugin lets you manage access through post types, categories or tags with ease. Use a simple password OR protect by user role.

There Are Many Reasons to Protect Content

In the digital space, content isn’t just information; it’s a valuable asset. Whether it’s exclusive material for your members, sensitive information that needs guarding, or premium content that drives revenue, every site has something worth protecting. With the Unified Access plugin, you can ensure that your digital assets remain just that—yours.

This plugin isn’t just a barrier; it’s a gateway to enhanced user experience. By safeguarding your content, you foster trust with your audience, ensuring they receive the value they’re promised and nothing less. From limiting access to preserving the exclusivity of your offerings, Unified Access provides you with the tools to protect and serve your content responsibly and effectively.

Why Use Unified Access?


Simplified User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly experience with our intuitive dashboard that makes content protection straightforward and hassle-free.


Flexible Access Control: Tailor content accessibility with fine-tuned control over post types, categories, and tags to match your site’s needs.


Password Protection Perks: Secure specific content with custom passwords, adding an extra layer of security where it matters most.


Customizable User Roles: Assign access permissions based on user roles, ensuring each user experiences content that’s relevant to them.


Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate effortlessly with your WordPress site, maintaining performance and compatibility.


Cookie-Based Access Memory: Utilize cookies to remember user access settings, streamlining the user experience for returning visitors.

The Features

Tailored Control at Your Fingertips

Unified Access merges ease with efficacy, offering a straightforward approach to content protection. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly set up and manage access without the need for complex configurations. Designed with both novices and experts in mind, this plugin is the key to safeguarding your content smartly and efficiently.

Amplify Your E-Commerce Capabilities with Unified Access

Versatile Role-Based Content Access – Unified Access isn’t just a companion for WooCommerce and other Payment Solutions—it’s a powerhouse that enhances any WordPress e-commerce system. Our plugin shines in its ability to mesh with a myriad of payment processors and plugins that assign user roles within WordPress.

Example Use-Case with WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce, after a customer completes a purchase, they are typically assigned the ‘customer’ role and gain access to a standard dashboard. Unified Access takes this further, enabling you to offer a wealth of additional exclusive content tailored for your customers. Think of it as your tool for crafting a premium content gateway, opening up possibilities like special offers, advanced tutorials, or community hubs that drive engagement and loyalty.

Ready for Any E-Commerce Solution

Whether you’re using WooCommerce or any other plugin that manages user roles, Unified Access integrates smoothly to extend their capabilities. It allows you to:

  • Control content visibility based on any user role defined within your WordPress ecosystem.
  • Enhance user experience by providing role-specific access to various content types, from pages and posts to categories and tags.
  • Set up in minutes with any WordPress-compatible e-commerce or membership plugin.

Broaden Your Reach

While WooCommerce users will see immediate benefits, the true power of Unified Access lies in its adaptability. Whatever your choice of e-commerce or user role management solution, our plugin is ready to help you elevate your user engagement strategy and gain control of the experience.

Unified Access: The Key to Customized Content Experiences

Create a compelling, customized experience for each user role with Unified Access. It’s your all-in-one solution for content protection and exclusive access, empowering you to reward your users in ways that resonate and retain.

Simplified Secure Access with Manual Password Management

Bespoke Content Gates with Hand-Delivered Keys – With Unified Access, embrace the power of personal touch in a digital world. Manually manage exclusive entry to your content, giving out access as thoughtfully as you would a physical key. This feature is perfect for those special cases where discretion and exclusivity are paramount, offering a simple yet profoundly impactful way to manage your content’s audience.

Direct Control with Handpicked Access

In the digital age, personalized touch has great value. With Unified Access, you can manually manage who gets to see what by issuing unique passwords. This is perfect for scenarios where you want to grant special access to handpicked individuals or groups, maintaining a high level of exclusivity and control over your content.

Ideal for Exclusive Offerings

Whether you’re distributing access to a select group of VIP customers, investors, beta testers, or stakeholders, Unified Access allows you to create an air of exclusivity with manually managed passwords. You have the power to decide who enters your content realm and when.

Effortless Operation

This approach is superb for those who prefer a hands-on method or have specific access requirements that automated systems can’t meet. Unified Access provides an easy-to-use interface where you can generate and distribute passwords with ease, no complex setup required.

Key Benefits:

  • Manual Distribution: You decide when and to whom the passwords are given, allowing for personalized communication.
  • Limited Access: Set passwords that expire after a set duration (and redirect), perfect for one-off events or promotions. (This Feature Coming Soon!)
  • Simple yet Effective: Sometimes the best solutions don’t require intricate systems. Unified Access offers simplicity and efficiency, side by side.

Personalized Access for an Exclusive Audience

With Unified Access, it’s not just about managing access based on roles; it’s about catering to the unique needs of your audience with a human touch. By manually managing passwords, you provide a level of attention and exclusivity that your users will appreciate and remember.

Access Control

Protect Posts, Pages, Categories and Tags with Passwords or Roles

Protect by Post-type

Protect by Taxonomy (Categories, Tags, etc.)

Popup Cookie Settings

Styling & Messaging

Gain control of the popup and warning styles.

No Access Warning

Popup Label Settings

Popup Background Style


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Important Notice: Unified Access is a powerful content protection tool designed to work in tandem with external systems OR other WordPress plugins (eg, WooCommerce). Please note that it DOES NOT handle payment processing or automatic granting of access. It’s the perfect complement to plugins or custom solutions that add and manage user roles.