Unified Toolkit

I think you’ll find our plugin to be really very intuitive. There’s only a few steps to find yourself in a place where you can drop a form block anymore on your website.

Install the Plugin

Log in to your member’s area and download the “Unified Toolkit” plugin. Then log in to your WordPress Admin and find your way to the plugins page.

At the top, you’ll see an “Add New” Button. Click that.

At the top, you’ll see an “Upload Plugin” button. Click that and it’ll open the “Choose File” section.

Choose the file you downloaded to your desktop and follow the installation process.

Admin Page Overview

Simply navigate to the Unified Tweaks menu item (under the parent menu Unified Plugins). There you will find an intuitive interface to explore and configure all the tweaks!

Click each section header to open those settings.

After you’ve chosen your options, and turned something on or off, you simply go to the bottom or top and ‘Save Changes’. The page will refresh and update the site with your changes.

If ANY of these trips you up, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket and get help from our Unified Support Heroes.