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Admin, performance and security tweaks! Things you need.. and things you didn’t know you needed, but you now can’t live without!

A Collection Of Tweaks For Those Building Or Managing WordPress Websites

Hi, I’m Matt, the Founder & Web Designer at Unified Web Design. 90% of our clients sites are on WordPress. We’ve built and maintained a whole lot of websites over the years.

This plugin is a collection of tweaks we put together that help us as an agency. It’s a toolbox of various types of updates or elements for a WordPress site that help those who manage and maintain websites.

Whether you’re a web developer, author, admin or help maintain WordPress sites, I think you’ll find this collection very useful!

Why These Tweaks?


You have an opportunity to use a plugin that an actual web design and development agency uses! And enjoy what they enjoy!


Got ideas for more tweaks? We’re plugin developers that are engaged and listening to our users. We might consider it!


You find yourself managing ‘staging websites‘ for testing and such. And you can’t tell one from another.. implement an admin bar badge…


You’re tired of working on sites where someone decided to hide the admin bar. Now you can offer up our minimalist admin bar option!


You could use a couple performance tweaks to improve your WordPress site, but how?.. oh, look! Couple clicks, done!


You understand the importance of security, but just need something light-weight to handle some things.. Couple clicks, done!

The Features

This plugin provides you some QUALITY OF LIFE admin features and tweaks to help with your sites performance and security.

As an agency we tweak things a lot. And we decided it would be a good idea to start adding these tweaks to a plugin we could install on our own and client sites.

And .. why not give this to you!? Now you can enjoy features and tweaks we use internally. Instead of coding something yourself or using multiple plugins to accomplish some things, now you can use this multi-purpose plugin to help with a bunch of tweaks and features.

What do you get today?

Admin Tweaks

As a WordPress development shop, there are little features here and there that we see and use that aren’t available in every environment. But we like them! So why not create a plugin that implements them whenever we choose? Starting with ..


This is probably something you didn’t know you needed. ?

Have you ever started working on a WordPress site and someone along the line thought it was a good idea to hide the admin bar at the top when you’re logged in?

And have you ever tried navigating back to the admin dashboard? Yes.. back button, address field. There are ways to get back to the dashboard.

How about you find yourself on an internal page and need to edit that pages content. Go to admin, go to pages or posts.. search for that post. 100s or 1000s of posts with similar titles? Better open the source of the page to find that page ID. ?

How about instead you use a minimalist admin bar like we’ve created!? Now you can always get back to the dashboard and edit any page you’re on.. without the default admin bar at the top.

Minimalist Bar Features

Fixed to the bottom of the browser window.
Align left, center or right.
Change the color of the button and text.


The web host we work with the most includes a nice badge to help identify where you are in terms of production or staging. (a live site or test site)

This is really helpful especially if the URLs are such where it’s difficult to know.

Now we (and you!) can use this feature on any site. And use it however you want.

Admin Badge Features

Custom Text (this can say anything per install)
Change the background and text color


There are a number of reasons you might need to duplicate a post. Sometimes a post can serve as a template for future posts. I know I do this with my podcast episodes. I simply duplicate the last episode and replace the content. The layout and framework for that page intact.

I thought this would be a GREAT addition for the Tweaks plugin. It tweaks the posts, pages or other post-types admin list with a ‘duplicate’ link.

Duplicate Posts Features

Duplicate any ‘Post Type’ including pages and posts.
.. need I say more? ?

Performance Optimization

These are tweaks related to the overall performance of the website or may help remove bloat.


This feature simply allows you to control how many revisions are saved in the database.

Security Tweaks

Here you’ll find tweaks related to security and keeping your website safe by removing some items that could cause trouble.


While these editors appear to be a convenient way to edit files and code directly in the WordPress admin, it is the worst possible way to edit files and code. One error or mistake could bring your whole site down.

Plus, if you use any kind of version control or work with teams, those changes could be overwritten or conflict with other changes without it being obvious.

So to be safe.. turn this on!


Any extra data you provide to bots can make your site vulnerable. Let’s clean up some of the meta-tags they can scrape and learn from to hack your website.

More Tweaks, Enhancements & Features Planned!

There is more planned and if you get this plugin today, you’ll get automatic updates and access to them.

At Unified Web Design (parent company of Unified Toolkit and this plugin) we build and manage a lot of sites for clients and other agencies. We’re always learning and finding new things to tweak.

So stay tuned!

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