Unified Email Capture

I think you’ll find our plugin to be really very intuitive. There are only a few steps to find yourself in a place where you can drop a form block anymore on your website.

You’ll have purchased the plugin through Freemius. And you should have been sent an email with login instructions (if you did not, you can contact support and we’ll help you get access to your purchase).

Install the Plugin

Log in to your member’s area and download the “Unified Captures” plugin. Then log in to your WordPress Admin and find your way to the plugins page.

At the top, you’ll see an “Add New” Button. Click that.

At the top, you’ll see an “Upload Plugin” button. Click that and it’ll open the “Choose File” section.

Choose the file you downloaded to your desktop and follow the installation process.

Configure Your
Email Services

After the plugin is installed, you’ll see a new parent admin menu item called “Unified Plugins”. Under that, you’ll find all your Unified Plugins including “Unified Captures”.

General Settings

You can choose to send emails to admin if there is an error (or listed emails)

The first option is only for those cases you need to clear the cache. The second is if you want to activate Google reCaptcha. You can use reCaptcha v2 or v3.

Enter your Site Key and Secret (follow the link to get your keys).

Email Service Settings

Now (unless you are just using WP Mail Forms) you just navigate to your favorite email service! And follow the instructions and links to connect the APIs.




Adding Blocks to Content

#1 Type /Unified

#2 Add Block (plus sign on hover) and Start Typing Unified

#3 Browse All & Find the Unified Blocks Category

#4 Use Our UEC Shortcode Templates!

There are scenarios where blocks can’t be used (eg, a popup plugin that doesn’t support blocks). To make this plugin as flexible and developer friendly as possible, we’ve created a special template that generates shortcodes that can be used in these cases.

Just find your way to the UEC Templates admin area (#1 below). Create a new post. You can literally add any blocks or layouts you want to these templates. Get creative! And then just copy the shortcode in any context:

  1. Add to a HTML Editor in WordPress
  2. Add to a Text Editor in WordPress
  3. Add to a Shortcode Block (delivered with all WordPress installs)

Configure Everything on the Sidebar

It should be intuitive, but if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact support.

How to Use Our
Blocks in a Popup

We are working on our own popup plugin. Coming soon!

But regardless of the plugin you use, you’ll have a couple options to add the forms into your favorite popup solution.

Right now you can use a variety of popup plugins. One we recommend is the “Popup Maker”.

How to

If the plugin you use supports blocks, then just add the UEC block as you would inline in any post.

However, if your solutions doesn’t support blocks, then definitely take advantage of our UEC Shortcode Templates.

Simply create a new template and copy and paste the generated shortcode into the popup plugins editor.